You want to do something beautiful for God, there is a human being that needs you.....this is your chance.
Mother Teresa

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sierra began with our first fund raiser to bring home her sister.

With Daddy's help Sierra began our adoption with the first fund raiser to help bring her sister home. We baked cookies and brownies last night and then made up some lemonade this morning. Today while watching the Air Show Sierra and Daddy went around the park where we were sitting and sold her lemonade, cookies, and brownies!! We are on our way to bring Savannah home. Sierra made $9.00!! She is so excited to be helping. Tomorrow Mike will be taking the extra brownies and cookies to work in hopes to sell them there to help increase our adoption fund. The next fund raiser Sierra wants to do is a lemonade stand in our front yard. We are hoping to do that in two weeks. Those that live local.........we hope you are able to stop by!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


We sent our Letter of Intent to adopt a precious little girl from China on Friday July 16 and received Pre-approval today............July 21!! That was so fast! Let us tell you about our Hope to be daughter Wu Sheng Huan. She resides at Wuhan Social Welfare orphanage since she was 1 1/2. She is currently 8 years old with her birthday on September 19, 2001. She has beautiful black hair with big brown eyes that melt into your soul. She was born with bilateral cleft lip and palate. Please pray for Huan and for our family. We have experienced two paper miscarriages which bring about many fears and anxiety. Please pray that Huan is being prepared for adoption and if this is God's will the adoption will happen in his time. I know Mike and I want this to happen and we feel God is directing us but because of our past with adoptions we are very fearful. Not fearful to love another child and bring another child in our home but that this process will come to an end just like in our past and it will leave another hole.........I know not a good way to start a wonderful process but want to share our fears but our Faith is holding onto the Hope of God's Grace through this next year as we prepare in hope to add another wonderful daughter home from China!!