You want to do something beautiful for God, there is a human being that needs you.....this is your chance.
Mother Teresa

Friday, March 25, 2011

NVC letter!!

We received our NVC letter today in the mail!! This is another important step to bringing Savannah home!! Only one more step before Travel Approval!! Oh soon so soon we will be in China. As we are waiting for each of these steps we are truly working hard to get the remaining of the funds needed to bring her home. Prayer has been so powerful and I know that God is his own timing!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sing and Play for Savannah

Do you like to sing? Do you like to play pool? Do you like a challenge? Come out and have fun and help us bring our daughter home from China!!! We are having cash prize winning for Karaoke Contest and for the Pool Tournament. There will be Silent Auction Items, Raffle Items and 50/50 going through out the day!!! The flier says the benefit is going until 10pm but we extended the time thanks to Keps in Washington until midnight!! Two Karaoke contest happening. One during the day and one at night! Looking forward to seeing everyone and having fun!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Needing to post again because it helps us focus on our precious daughter and forget about the waiting and the many steps to bring her home. Oh yes we are so close but in some ways it reminds us of how we are not in control........yes an area that is difficult for me. We were truly hoping to get our letter yesterday.......but it did not come. Oh I know that once we are in China we will only need to focus on Savannah and her needs but right now I think of those, fiances, and the next few steps before we know when that will be. We know she is our last child and I think that makes it another reason.......come on......we want to be complete and bring her home. We want to be a family things together...and to begin our life as a family. Oh yes we are not forgetting our family here but the truth is there is an ache. I believe the same ache as when someone passes away and the family never feels complete. That is the feeling that Mike and I are having. We want all our children on US soil. Maybe not all living with us or even in our state but in the USA. I know it will come but felt the need to express the aching and longing that we are feeling this morning......soon Savannah we will have you home with your family........soon but not soon enough!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


As I sit here, I just keep thinking of Savannah. I am wondering what she is wondering about. What she is dreaming about. How does she feel about being a part of our family. I wonder if she is scared. I wonder if she thinks so much of the place she has called home for 8 years. I just wish I knew...knew more of her thoughts, fears, wishes, dreams, and what brings her joy. I wish it was today that I could put my arms around my special little girl. The special little girl that came into our life through the graces of God. A little girl that touches Mike and I heart so deeply that we made many choices that every two parents would do so that their daughter could come. So that she will know that she is loved and always was. We both know that this journey will be difficult for Savannah but we are both know that we are there for her and for whatever it is that she might need. At the same time we are much aware of Billy and Sierra's needs during this time that their sister comes home to live with them and that things will change. We want it to be for the better but we know that better sometimes takes time, hope, faith, and patience and a great amount of love. This is where God will come in for our daughters and our son still living at home. God will provide all that we need and we will keep a tight on his guidance through praying together and through very open communication. You see this was God's plan and because of that....Nothing can fail as long as we rely on Him!!

Savannah.....we are coming and God will continue to light your darkness and God will guide our ways so that we are ready to be the mommy and daddy that you will need. We love you girl!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

800 Approval!!!

We are excited to announce that we received 800 approval through immigration. We only have two more steps until we receive travel approval!! We are so excited that we are getting so close to be bringing our daughter home!! We should be in China sometime in the beginning of May!!! Savannah we are coming!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Savannah Encounter....

I received a wonderful email from a friend through the adoption world. She sent me a link about a lady who donated $135,000.00 to Savannah's orphanage. What an amazing gift to give especially where it is most needed!! She wanted me to see if Savannah is in the photo. I believe she is. She is in the second row and the third child from the left with the bright yellow coat on. She is not facing the camera but her profile...blurry that it is...looks like Savannah's. My thought as her mom is........"Where is the coat we sent to her?" But those who have been to China's orphanages know that the children are layered and there is a huge possibility it is underneath the coat she is wearing. This encounters with our daughter just helps us to keep it real. Many times with the long paper work and then delays, and then other things out of control you can get focused on the wrong thing....the frustration of adoption...but with the little encounters it reminds me that it is all worth it and in two months she will be coming home!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

I800 receipt came today!!

We received our receipt for our I800 application today. it was dated for March 2, 2011. We were getting a little concerned and even contacted the Officer over our case. It was so helpful this morning. There is still hope that we will be traveling in May around Mother's Day!!!