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Mother Teresa

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We found out today from our home study social worker that our home study has been sent to Springfield to be cleared by DCFS prior to it being sent up to Immigration. After it gets sent to Immigration they will send us a date and time to get our finger prints done. So many steps but we are getting closer and thank you so much for our wonderful Adoption agency for working with CCAA in China to get permission for us to use our old dossier. Because of this permission it will move up our travel time a little bit. There will be a time when we have to wait with Immigration to get permission from them to allow us to bring an adopted child into the United States. I am not sure how long that step takes. It varies from state to state. I am thinking around 8 weeks after our finger prints are done. After that we will probably be moving very quickly along at least this is what our agency has told us. Because this is new to them, us using our old dossier, we are learning with them as we go through the journey. One thing I do know and that is God is with us and ther is nothing to fear with him at our side and at Savannah's side.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

We have some wonderful news from Shriner's Children's Hospital about Savannah. While I was up there for Sierra's Cleft Clinic I talked to all the Doctors and professionals on Sierra's case and they told me that they can help Savannah. There is a way to bring back her upper gum line while doing the repair on the palate. This will give her a new smile.........we love her smile but we also know from Sierra...that children with clefts want a smile similar to their friends. I was in tears in happiness for Savannah. I know she will be so excited to know this and I cannot wait until we are able to tell her. Shriners are totally the best place for children. They are skilled and know how to treat children with physical difficulties. I am so blessed that both my girls will be touched by the angels they have on their staff!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Smiling Savannah

We were given a wonderful gift last night that we knew we should share. We connected with a forever family that adopted a friend of Savannah's. An is in the middle in the bottom picture. We were so excited to see the beautiful smile of Savannah!!! We are also excited to know this family lives not too far from us. Well couple states over but at least driving distance in hopes to keep the girls connect! We are so blessed and feel that family is truly a angel delivering a wonderful package last night!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Updated information on Savannah!

We are so excited to find out more information about Savannah. She is very excited about being adopted. She resides at Wuhan orphanage. She shares a room with 10 other children. She is able to bring her doll that she sleeps with to Gotcha Day. She wants an remote control car and large doll for Christmas. She needs some winter clothing. Looking forward to shopping with Sierra for that. Her favorite colors are red and yellow. They told us that she is very smart and outgoing. She is a little helper with the younger children. She is reading which is loudly done (just like her and she is doing some writing. I guess she is learning some basic English so she can communicate her needs and they have taught her how to say I love you in English. I am excited about saying it to her in Chinese. I have to admit.......I am ready to go bring her home! I know Sierra is too!