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Mother Teresa

Monday, September 27, 2010

Questions answered!!

Through our wonderful care package company, we have gotten some new information about Savannah. We sent a variety of questions that we were concerned about and also some that we given to us by the wonderful on line training that we participated in to better prepared us to bring Savannah home.
We were told that Savannah is an easy going person. She understands the Chinese Characters easily and likes to sing. She enjoys attending school and is very independent. She has a difficult time in Math...just like her sister Sierra! She enjoys watching Cartoons and to talk about them with her friends. Oh I wonder who again that reminds me of. She loves to play with cars and puzzles. She has a favorite doll that she sleeps with every night....I do hope she gets to bring that with her. They shared with us two girls who are her best friends. One is already adopted...Wu Guo An and one who is about to be adopted...Wu Wei Mi. We hope to be able to connect with these families so she can keep these relationships continuing after she comes home. She loves pork chops, carrots and steamed buns. She will love our cooking then we hope! I just am jumping inside with excitement that soon she will be coming home.......but not soon enough!! Our first meal.......Pork Chops and carrots!!!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Make it and Bake it for Savannah...

We have began a new fundraiser that has been successful through Mike's work and through our friends work that we call Make it and Bake it for Savannah. We are baking a variety of items that we package up and Mike is bringing to work to sell to those who are interested. We have begun our "bake sale" with the popular "Puppy Chow" Mix and the Chocolate Covered Popcorn. It has been a great hit and we are adding items daily! If you have ideas we would be very open to other ideas to put on our menu. Thank you ahead of time!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Updated News!!

We got a phone call from out agency who told us that they feel we might be traveling sometime closer to March instead of May-June time as we thought. I think one reason is because we are using our old dossier. We are excited about that....but to be honest.......I still feel it will be around June. Don't know why but that is what I are excited but at the same time just going with the flow so we are not pulling out hairs when there...if there is a bump in the road. it is adoption...........there will be a bump. I just know each step...each day....each minute is another closer to bringing Savannah home!!

1st Care Package to Savannah

We sent Savannah her first care package. It will be there in time for her 9th birthday. What is not included in the pictures is the cake that was ordered and should be there in time for her birthday. She loves to dress up so we wanted to send her a very pretty dress for a very pretty girl. We are hoping to receive pictures of her at her party but our care package company is not sure if the orphanage will send one. So we just remain hopeful but mostly we remain hopeful that she has a beautiful birthday and that she enjoys the gifts. Next year our daughter will be home so we can celebrate it with her!!