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Mother Teresa

Saturday, April 30, 2011

We are announcing that we are having a Garage Sale to help with the extra funds needed. The garage sale will be on May 7th from 8 am until 2pm. Please email me if you would like the address. If you are wanting to donate items, we are very happy and humbled to accept anything you would like to donate!!! We can come pick the items up and store them so they can get out of your way. Thank you so much!! My email address is God Bless you all!!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Still need more.............

I was going to remove our fund raiser goal because of a loan we met it BUT I just found out that we need double what we planned on to travel to China. I was thinking we were going to pay 1000.00 per ticket on the adoption fare through United. Well, they no longer have an adoption fare. So our flights are $2000.00 a piece!! Which means we still need $4000.00 more!! We leave in three weeks. We CANNOT get anymore loans and we are in a VERY bad place!! Please pray for us!! My hands are tied and now it is up to God!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Praying, believing, and asking...

Savannah's adoption as every adoption has it's unique road. Each adoption has it's own story and Savannah's story and our story to her is very unique and God driven. I don't like to beg and I know that I have done a huge amount of this since beginning the journey to bring Savannah home. I think God made it possible for me to beg so it would humble myself and to reach to others to allow everyone to help us bring Savannah home. We had our Travel Meeting with our agency tonight and we realize that we need $4000.00 more to travel in May. I know many of you that read this are on your own journey to your wonderful child and are in the same boat as we. If you have $5.00 or $10.00 to put in our donation box...believe me it will make a difference and bringing us that closer to travel to bring Savannah home. Please...please pray and if you feel God calling you to give know we would be greatly appreciative and know that our daughter will be another child that you helped bring home from China. If you are not adopting and wonder how you can trust that we are actually using it for our adoption, please feel free to call Heartsent at (925) 254-8883 and ask for Karen because she is our social worker and she would love to confirm our process. You can even email Karen at
We have an donation button to the right side of the page and please know we are
so grateful for anydonation you are able to give at this time!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

As we wait..

As we wait for travel approval, we began packing. It is amazing how much we have accumulate for Savannah and for the trip. We know we won't be traveling for a month at least but if you know Lisa........organization gives me some type of comfort and if you know Lisa.........waiting gives her stress so the comfort of seeing the things pack gently in the suit cases has helped her know that soon......very soon.......our little girl will be in our custody!! As soon as we get travel approval we will scream it to the world and then when we know our consulate date and travel dates we will be screaming again!! It is so nice to see everyone visit our blog and feel free to post. At this point of the process verbal/visual support means so much! The clock is ticking and sometimes very slowly!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Update and honesty.....

We received our visas and we are waiting on Travel Approval. We are very excited but the truth is we are still not at our goal in the fiances to travel over to China to bring Savannah home. We are asking everyone who reads our blog to pray with us that all the money needed will come before our expected day to travel..May 19th (not confirmed but what me as her mom is hoping). If you feel the pull to donate please use the button on the right hand side of the page. It will go to our pay pal account and straight to our bank account. We understand not everyone can give and to be honest Mike and I are so tired of the begging......but as a mom and dad we will do whatever to bring our daughter home!! We are having a garage sale on Saturday May 7th. As Sierra and I attend the Race for the Cure in Peoria, Mike will open the doors and then when Sierra and I get home we will finish the day. We cancelled it for this weekend due to the weather. We are praying that the weather that day is warm and clear. If you live in the Central IL area please stop by and if you would like to donate items let us know and we will pick up and store it for you!! If you need our address please mail me privately at Thanks again for all the support and love we have and continue to receive through you all!! Blessings!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Article 5!!

Our article 5 was picked up at the American Consulate in Guangzhou Guangdong China yesterday and sent to the CCAA. Now all we wait for is travel approval!!!! We should hear something in two weeks!! We are so excited!! I want to get on the plane right now but I know that is impossible......but it would be nice to call my daughter to tell her that her mommy, daddy, and sissy are coming to pick her up. Please pray with us that she is preparing for a very sad time in her life but also a very joyful. She will be leaving all that gives her comfort and we pray that she will allow us to be a replacement. I know that she is so excited about being adopted and so ready for us but the emotion reality will be on her Family/Gotcha Day. We pray that she runs in yelling MaMa and BaBa (Daddy) and Mei Mei(little sister) that all determines what she is feeling at that moment. We are so excited about the next few weeks but we remain real to what ever our sweet Savannah will need from us.........her FOREVER FAMILY!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Fun pictures from the Sing and Play for Savannah fundraiser..

Sing and Play for Savannah Fundraiser...

We had a wonderful time and living in such a loving community we raised over the goal amount. We are truly blessed and thankful that God brought us back to Washington to live three years ago. I grew up here and lived here when I first met Mike. Not only is this community a family community it is also a place that others reach out to help those in need. Savannah will be so excited to hear how much her community already loves her!!
Check out the pictures below!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

What a day can make!!

The government did not close so Savannah's adoption process goes on!! We are hoping to have travel approval in 2.5 weeks!! Praise God!
Found out yesterday our dear friends were given approval through their work to travel with us to China to help us bring Savannah home!
Today is the big event!! Our dear friends are hosting a benefit to help us with the funds to bring Savannah home!! We will post pictures later!!
God is good...all the time. All the time....God is good!!! AMEN!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

AdoptionTalk: Would Government Shutdown Affect International Ado...

Please pray that the Government comes to an agreement because this will stop our process to Savannah. We are schedule for a paper pick up at the American Consulate in Guangzhou on Wednesday to be delivered to CCAA. Please pray that they come to an agreement before midnight tonight!! Please pray that the government officials open their hearts to all that will be affected by their decision or lack of decision and that it is the welfare of many Americans and soon to be Americans!!
AdoptionTalk: Would Government Shutdown Affect International Ado...: "Here's what one adoption agency is telling its clients: Unfortunately, it appears that the Department of State and USCIS will be affected if..."

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Good news today x 2

We found out earlier this morning that our very close friends, Jim and Dawn Dotson will be going with us to China. They have been saving and doing their own fundraising and found out that the final sum will be in their hands in two weeks!! We are so excited to have them with us when we meet Savannah and bring her home!!
Second great news was coming home to work to find an article about our family and about the up and coming fundraiser this weekend. Brandon from the Washington Reporter did a wonderful job and we are just so blessed to have him in our lives!! Click on the link below to read it: