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Mother Teresa

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Our home study agency has finished our home study done. Believe it or not it was 15 pages!! It will be sent to our adoption agency to have them review it before our home study agency sends it to DCFS here in Illinois. They told us after that it will take around two weeks to be approved.....something we are very hopeful for...then it will be sent back to us to be put with our I800 application to be sent off to Immigration. I am not sure how long that step takes at immigration. It can vary for many reasons and one is the time of year. We are very excited about being another step closer to being in China to bring Savannah home.

I did have another letter translated to the orphanage so that we can prepare Savannah's gift package. We decided instead of looking at her toys wrapped under the tree and the months after that we are going to send gifts over to her. Especially things she might need with a few items of things that she would like to have. We are truly hopeful that her orphanage staff will allow us information to help her Christmas gift package can be more personal to her.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Updating everyone where we are at in the process...

I wanted to update everyone and especially our little girl when she gets to read about our journey to bring her home. We are so thrilled to find out that CCAA once again gave us the permission to use our old dossier. We needed to get a letter from our old agency saying it was ok to have our dossier switched over to our new agency. Sound easy..........but not really. It is adoption. Anyone who has had the wonderful experience of adoption knows that nothing is easy in a paper pregnancy. Well, we found out that we need the letter to be sent to the Secretary of State to be certified and then sent to the Chinese Embassy to have it authenticated. That sounds easy but during the process because it was notarized by someone from MD we had to sent it to the state of Delaware to be state certified. Then have it mailed back to us to send it back out to the Chinese Embassy in Washington DC. Sounds easy but no...........because I was trying to juggle a many things I ended up sending it to the wrong Chinese Embassy in Washington DC. I found this out while it was in route............I called the Postmaster but there was nothing they could do. It was rejected at that Embassy and was sent back to us. I then finally got it sent back out yesterday and it arrived safely today at the correct Chinese Embassy. So we are hoping to have all this paper work in China by the 21st of October. We are still hopeful. Adoption does fill with extreme faith, hope and love and so much worth it to bring our Savannah home!!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

A fundraiser we are starting..........

We have begun another fundraiser....this time it is Adoption awareness t-shirts. We are keeping the price down in hope to sell more and get the word out about adoption not only domestic adoption but international adoption. We are selling them for $12.00 each and the sizes are small-xxlarge. If you are interested please contact us at We have started a blog for out t-shirt sales and for other items that we will be having for sale or for free will donation. Please check them out at