You want to do something beautiful for God, there is a human being that needs you.....this is your chance.
Mother Teresa

Monday, May 16, 2011

Counting the days down....

I am making lists and making new lists. It truly helps when your head is overwhelmed with so many things to do. We are so excited to know that in three days we will be heading to pick up our daughter. Sierra is so excited!! She is talking non stop and she is just cannot wait to see her home land and to meet her sister. I feel so at peace about all this.....oh don't get me wrong my stomach is in knots but I know why things happened as they did....God does have a plan...bottom line. Many people can question but with the Faith and belief God directs you to where he wants you to be. Do I think this is going to be easy NO...but mostly it will be difficult for Savannah. She is the one giving up...."home", friends, languange, food, comfort (even if we think life in a family is better.....when it is all you know it is comfort), smells, and many other things. Please pray that she is strong and that everyone who gets to meet this precious child remembers what she is giving up and how she is feeling. This is not about us getting a daughter(even though I am excited about that). This is about Savannah adjusting to her new life and to her new family. So please pray for her and for our family so we can be who she needs us to be...patient, understanding, compassionate, caring, patient, loving, forgiving, hopeful, faithful, but most of all......Patient. I believe in I don't know her but God does and God has been directing all of this......and he knows how much she needs us.......even though we fail....I believe with prayers, hope, faith and most important love we can give her all that she needs but most of all...all that she deserves through the stength of Christ. 3 more days!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

50% off Sisterly Love Garage Sale..

We are having another Garage Sale this weekend with all items at 50% off and includes the refrig, stove, and two dishwashers.......they are now priced as: refrig 50.00, stove 35.00, dishwashers at 25.00 each!!! We are doing this as well as packing and repacking this weekend!!

We have been talking to Ann at Red Thread and she is setting us up so that we can visit Sierra's orphanage when we first get to China. She has been such a wonderful help and cannot wait to meet her in person!

It is amazing how God puts it all just believing, relaxing, and keeping the Hope alive through Faith!!

Monday, May 9, 2011


Just finished booking our flights to China. It is so awesome to write that and to think about that!! Savannah is finally coming home to her forever family!! We are so excited to meet her. Please pray with us for Savannah as she leaves all she knows to begin her life in her forever family!! She is excited but reality there will be sadness and pain. We pray that her transition is as easy as it can be and that we can be there for her in the ways and needs she desires from us. We are all so excited......praising God for providing what we need to book our flights. What an amazing God we have!!!

Consulate Appointment/Travel Dates!!!

We got the official email this morning and we are leaving next Thursday on the 19th to bring our little girl home! We will be over in China until June 3rd and we should be at the airport in Peoria on the night of June 3rd!! We would love for anyone and everyone to come out to welcome home Savannah!! We will send out more official information when we get it!! We are working of flights as we speak!! I cannot believe that in 10 days I will off to bring my daughter home!! Savannah we are finally coming!!!

Friday, May 6, 2011


We are so excited to say that our travel approval came today!!!!!!!! Savannah we are coming!! Our agency is hoping that we are able to still travel on the 19th which means in two weeks we will be China!!!!!! There is a chance that the consulate appoints for the week requested could be full and we would have to wait a week. Pray with us that our travel remains for the 19th so she can be with her family...what she has been asking for!! What a wonderful Mother's Day gift!! A mom for the 5th time is coming true in the possibility in two weeks and three days!!!

Central Primary=God is so good!!!

Savannah will be attending the wonderful school Central Primary. I talked to the Speech Path and the principal and found out that they have an ESL teacher in place for Savannah. Her teacher lived in China for two years while her husband was working over there. She has the education for ESL and is skilled for Savannah's needs. We also talked about Savannah's speech and decided not to have her tested until she gets comfortable in the school environment and with her ESL teacher. God is so good...the ESL came into the school to talk to the principal about needing to do on looking for an intership and was wondering if the principal would know of a school with the need. Then to find out that she resided in China for two years was amazing!! God is preparing as we are is so amazing to watch God work and he does not always need our help!! We also have a tutor for the summer for Savannah and a speech path for the summer also. We will not begin these services until middle of July to allow her time to adjust and just be a daughter and sister something she has never felted before...

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The wait is actually 3-4 weeks..

I just found out from other adoption families that the wait time for TA is actually three to four weeks and not two weeks like we thought. Friday marks the three weeks time so I expect hopefully next week for TA to arrive. I truly don't know if we can swing around a week to travel. Mike and I have come to the realization that we might not be traveling until the 26th which is a bummer because our daughter has to wait even longer and our exchange student who God brought into our lives way after we started this process to Savannah will be leaving to go back to China two days after we get home. She really wanted to help Savannah with translation and comfort when she first got home. We are sadden by this but we have no control over the of the hardest part of adoption especially when you are a control freak like maybe next week I can announce the happy news!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


We are still waiting for travel approval. I have to admit that this has been one of the hardest thing I have ever waited for..........and it is the hardest part of Savannah's adoption so far. I just reviewed another family blog and they received TA last night. I am so happy for them but so bummed that we are still waiting. I think I am driving my adoption agency crazy with the continues emails and phone calls. I emailed them yesterday and usually they are quick to respond but not this time. I believe that is a vibe to just wait until we get the phone call. As a mom and dad waiting, it feels as if it will never come. I know all in the Lord's timing....and he has a reason for Savannah to wait and for us to wait. I just hope she remains excited and if there is any fear please Lord give it to me so that she is open to her new life and accepting us as her mom and dad........and her brothers and baby sister. As soon as I hear anything I will let everyone know. We are actually preparing ourselves that it might not be until May 26th before we travel....:(